Kelly Turner elected as SBTF President 2021

In the words of my late Mother, who passed away in 2008 from brain cancer, go forth with a purpose, and not just complain about what’s wrong, or what needs fixing. In other words, dry your tears dear, now it is time to get to work.

“I believe in hard work and I believe in miracles… and that sometimes one leads to the other.”

Kelly Turner

Presenting ideas not criticisms, as well as presenting solutions, not barriers, led me to the SBTF.  I was a loyal participant at the Race for Research since 2007, but I was searching for a way in which to be more purposeful in the fight against brain cancer and it landed in my lap in 2012.  I found an outlet where I could make a difference for those facing the journey and experience of dealing with a brain cancer diagnosis.  Serving on the SBTF Board of Directors for the past nine years has provided me insights to what others experienced with the brain tumor journey; and I’ve come to realize every journey is different.   

SBTF President
Proudly serving a second term as your President – Kelly Turner

My Mom’s diagnosis caught me off guard and unprepared for the emotions and the decisions which ensued.  While I could not make a difference in the outcome for my Mother, I hoped I could make a difference in the lives of others who faced this diagnosis.   Finding a cure for brain cancer and supporting brain tumor research, in the hopes of advancing treatment for patients, has become my “purpose”.  Extending the life, as well as improving the quality of life, for those diagnosed is the driving force behind every decision, we make at the SBTF.    

I know my Father is proud of my work at the SBTF, and I think my sister Greta O’Buch is proud of me too (you know how siblings can be so one is never quite sure). More importantly, I think Mom would be proud of what Dad, Greta, and I are doing to not complain about her outcome, but instead to have a positive impact on the work being done at the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation.

Together we will find a cure – I’m honored to serve a second term as your SBTF President. Look for the rest of the 2021 Executive Board press releases in our Newsroom or on the Meet the Team page.

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